Full Protection
You Can't See

Dome Glass is 'The One' screen protector you will ever need. It uses New Dome Adhesive Patented Technology which requires a portable UV machine (included) to install.

Why Dome Glass?

Dome Glass is patented tempered glass that provides edge to edge coverage. Unlike other tempered glasses with adhesive only on the edge of the screen, Dome Glass uses liquid adhesive to fully cover the screen including the edges.

Full Touch
Perfect touch sensitivity with full adhesion

Full Cover
Edge to edge coverage without color and dot layers

Full Clear
Crystal clear without any color boarder

Full Fix
Dome liquid covers existing minor cracks & provides safety

What makes our Dome Glass unique?

No Scratches

No Colored Edges

No Touch Errors

No Lifting

No Gaps


Best Glass
Screen Protector

Dome Glass is the only choice you can make If you want to enjoy the original design of the device while protecting it.

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